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I stand with women today and every day by providing holistic healthcare that affirms the feminine experience and its intrinsic complexity. The predominant medical model is influenced by a long-standing patriarchy of ‘managing’ women via directives rather than empowering them with information about why they may be suffering. In essence, the genesis of my work stems from my sincere quest for liberation from suffering, which has lead me along interesting roads, many of which I hope to spare other women from. Today, I seek to empower women with information about WHY they feel as they do, and provide lesser-known options designed to remedy imbalance at its core. This can be a scary option that a woman has to be ready for, because it may be asking her to remember that she can become her own hero, and that holistic medicine may not simply be a singular intervention but rather a raw paradigm shift that acknowledges symptoms as a wisdom-riddle to decode in order to bring forth a deeper truth, and alignment with right-livelihood, from within. A woman’s mental state may be as much about her biology as it is about her daily habits, which are built around norms which may have been inflicted upon her, and values which may merit reassessing in a non-judgmental setting. I give my patients space to walk along a less traveled road together, and I help them realize they are never truly alone.