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Dr. Karen Parker ND is conducting a study focusing on the quality of life, psychiatric and neurocognitive benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). In collaboration with the Western University for Health Sciences, ZRT Laboratories, Fusion Specialty Pharmacy and Neurevolution Medicine LLC, Dr. Parker’s integrative medical practice is currently accepting women ages 45-55 whose lives are potentially being impacted by the menopausal transition. Parameters assessed in this study include subtle attentional changes, mood & emotional lability, insomnia, hot flashes, and lowered libido. Participants who qualify for the study are determined by both a blood test demonstrating hormone insufficiency status, and by the severity of their symptom(s) of concern. These markers will be monitored over time to refine the understanding of the effects of BHRT. Participants are required to pay (or use insurance benefits) for their office visits and medications; however, an expanded series of investigational serological biomarkers and cognitive testing will be offered to them at no cost. Women who would like to be considered for this study should have an interest in BHRT as a treatment option for their healthcare. This study has been approved by the International Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects, granting protocol #17/IRB/602, PHRM 8400. For more information, please contact Dr. Parker’s office at info@neurevolutionmedicine.com or at 425.780.0502.