environmental medicine

Biological Imperatives of Going Green

 Holistic health begins with contemplative appreciation of the interconnectedness of biosystems, including both biopsychosocial and environmental integrity. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals are the hidden culprits underlying some forms of illness, including some types of hormonal imbalance and some neurological and psychiatric symptoms.  We test for glyphosate exposure,  organophosphate pesticides, organochlorine pesticides, mycotoxins, phthalate metabolites, trichothecenes, parabens, acrylic metabolites, alkyl phenols including bisphenol A (BPA) and triclosan and volatile organic compounds.   

Detoxifiers, Chelators & Binders, oh my!

We teach you how to green your body, home and lifestyle to avoid these exposures, and prescribe medications to assist in elimination of these toxins and biotoxins. 

Food as Medicine

We teach you which 'foods as medicine' and create a lifestyle of increased protection against these chemical threats to human health.